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Bassani Medical

GreenZone was established in South Africa in 1992 with the purpose of manufacturing and distributing multi-span greenhouses to the local horticultural sector. GreenZone is one of the leading greenhouse suppliers in South Africa with a successful track record in South Africa and globally. GreenZone has also become a prominent importer of agricultural equipment into South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Bassani Medical

AEssenseGrows was founded on solving three 21st century issues: the need for high growth yields for a growing population, food safety, and conservation of resources.

To attain these goals, AEssenseGrows had to re-invent the entire process of agriculture down to its purest “essence”. AEssenseGrows created the AEtrium series, accelerated plant growth platforms and software delivering pure, zero pesticide, year-round, enriched growth. This is the safest, cleanest, and most sustainable food & medicinal production available.

The AEtrium Hydroponic Grow Systems Aeroponics Delivers 40% Faster Growth Year-Round. The AEtrium hydroponic grow systems enable commercial cultivators to manage advanced aeroponic systems for indoor clean rooms or large greenhouses with precision sensor automation and accurate mechanical control.