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Bassani Medical and our decision to use Aeroponics, our growing method, is unique with our state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic system (VAS), designed and being built in Kyalami. It allows us to use less energy, water and floor space while producing high quality cannabis combined with our pharmaceutical grade facility, cGMP trained staff, and world-class equipment.

What is Aeroponic Growing?

Cannabis plants cultivated in aeroponic systems simply grow in a mixture of oxygen, water and nutrition-rich spray without clinging to a substrate. The system contains a plant bed and a misting chamber supported by an enclosed reservoir below. Inside the bed, protective collars holding stalks at the plant base support the structure above. Small baskets of net pots attached to the collars underneath the plant bed allow the root system to expand profusely.

The misting chamber contains a series of pumps, tubing, and misters, which spray a fine mist of water and nutrient solution directly at the root zone. Delivery of these atomized droplets is on a cyclic schedule. When misters are off, the plants are allowed to absorb the soluble solution. Microbial colonization on root hairs helps the cannabis plant process the nutrient uptake.

Excess water and nutrient reserves dripping off the rootstock are returned to the reservoir below through a drainpipe in the misting chamber. Aeroponic systems reduces the amount of nutrient-rich water required for optimal growth between 90% to 98% compared to traditional cannabis cultivation methods since the water is recycled back into the system.

Aeroponic growing systems are like hydroponic techniques as they both supply nutrient formulas directly to exposed root systems. However, aeroponic schematics take it to the next level as they deliver exact nutrient essentials without the buffer of a substrate. Well-circulating carbon dioxide in the room allows further enhance growth.

Increased Yields

Aeroponics provide healthier plants and shorter grow cycles which result in more crops per annum and better yields. It has been proven that crop yields when using aeroponics, could increase by 10-fold compared to when soil is used as growing. Aeroponic systems allow for extensive root growth because of the higher oxygen environment and lower risk of disease and therefore display an advantage over better known indoor hydroponic systems. Yield per area is far better as far less space is taken up to produce better yields.

Quality of Cannabis Grown with Aeroponics

Aeroponic systems are known for the quality product they produce and is sought after by the Pharmaceutical Market. The combination of growing indoors and applying nutrients directly to the roots allows for the development of large, healthy buds. We as growers also have a significant level of control over the quality, especially with regards to contaminants like heavy metals and microbiological growth contaminants. Aeroponics provide a sustainable and contaminant free pharmaceutical grade cannabis flower as a starting material for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Flowers grown with aeroponics are known to blossom with ripe trichomes and in high yields, which make for a lucrative and desirable end-product. The significant costs of quality required for the highly regulated Pharmaceutical Industry is balanced with the significantly larger yields compared with traditional growing methods. The initial investment into this growing technique is much higher but will deliver improved returns.

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