Environmental & Safety

We have appropriate Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental (OHSE) policies in place to ensure compliance to all South African OHSE legislation, regulations, and procedures.

Bassani Medical employs a fulltime Risk Manager supported by a team of Safety Representatives and other relevant personnel. We endeavour to ensure ongoing compliance and constant improvements relating to the provision and maintenance of safe and healthy working conditions.

Bassani Medical recognises the need for environmental sustainability through our environmentally responsible facilities and infrastructure. We strive to prevent any harm to our neighbours through our operations and strive to protect our environment from adverse impact through comprehensive risk management programs and sustainable solutions.

Bassani Medical
Green engineering & chemistry
Our products & processes are designed to eliminate toxic waste, and to reuse or recycle chemical waste.
Bassani Medical
Water quality
We protect source water from exposure to contaminants and minimise consumption of water in our facility.
Bassani Medical
Air quality
We achieve and maintain air quality standards and reduce the risk of toxic air pollutions.
Bassani Medical
Resource integrity
We reduce adverse effects by minimising waste generation to prevent accidental release and future clean-up.
Bassani Medical
We reduce the effects by stressors, like pollutants and gas emissions, to the ecosystem.