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President Cyril Ramaphosa has signed into law the Cannabis for Private Purposes Act (“CfPPA”). The CfPPA regulates the cultivation, possession, and use of cannabis by adults in a private setting. The consequent regulatory reform enabled by the CfPPA will, amongst others, entirely remove cannabis from the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act. This will further enable amendment of the Schedules to the Medicines and Related Substances Act and provide for targeted regulatory reform of the Plant Breeders Rights Act and the Plant Improvement Act, as well as other pieces of legislation that require amendment to allow for the industrialisation of the cannabis sector.

The Bill further guides the medically prescribed administration of cannabis to a child while also protecting children from undue exposure to cannabis. It provides for an alternative manner by which to address the issue of the prohibited use, possession of, or dealing in, cannabis by children, with due regard to the best interest of the child. It also prohibits the dealing in cannabis.

Media enquiries: Vincent Magwenya, Spokesperson to the President, on

Issued by: The Presidency

“Changing Cannabis laws is highly complex and very time-consuming – our country is following the international trends, which has taken far longer in other parts of the world -although it may not appear this way, it is a fact. Now that we have decriminalized cannabis consumption and private use, we can move to the next step, and again, without this change, we cannot proceed to commercialize Cannabis in our country. The international laws have all been designed around the Singles Convention per the United Nations and as a full member, we have to change our laws in compliance with the Convention. We are now much closer to commercialization and there is no doubt the Medical Cannabis Industry needs this to happen or else the industry will fail or deteriorate into illegal entities for those who are unable to successfully export their product. Dealing in cannabis remains prohibited and adults found guilty of buying or selling cannabis for payment/reward (unless authorised to do so in terms of another act, permit or licence) may be sentenced to a fine and/or imprisonment of up to 10 years. Lets continue the fight to commercialise locally but in the same breath, lets create a legally compliant industry and not get caught up in the illicit markets.” – Mike Stringer, CEO of Bassani Medical.

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