One common misconception about cannabis distillates is that they are produced from the same flower that is sold for smoking. In fact, during the cultivation process, the main flower cluster, or “bud,” is typically removed and packaged for sale, while the remaining leaves, stalks, and stems are considered cannabis biomass. Although biomass may have a lower potency of desirable compounds such as terpenes and cannabinoids than buds, a skilled extractor can still produce a high-quality cannabis distillate from it. However, the quality of the biomass input is a crucial variable that impacts the quality of the distillate output, and selecting biomass with the right amounts of desired cannabinoids and terpenes is important for creating desired finished products. As extraction processes and technologies continue to evolve rapidly to meet the demands of the expanding global market, partnering with trustworthy growers and cultivators to consistently supply high-quality cannabis biomass is key to success in the industry.